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About Developer:

Why My Words App: The developer of this app is a mother of an autistic and cognitive impaired boy who suffered from cardiac arrest at birth time and struggled with his developmental milestones. By the age of two, he had achieved most of the physical development milestones but his speech and communication skills were severely delayed. Parents tried all different types of augmentative and assistive technology devices, but he did not like to use them as they were all bulky and heavy to carry. He liked using sign language or gestures to communicate with others. But unfortunately the world does not understand his gestures and signs. He was frustated that people do not understand him and he tried to always look upto his mom or dad to say the words for his signs. This gave an idea to his mom to develop an application for him that can speak for him and can be customized easily. At the same time, he started showing interest in using iPod as his age peers were playing games on iPod. This was the motivation to develop an app that has a picture of the word with a sound so instead of him waiting for his mom or dad say the word for his needs, he can independently tap on the picture and the app will say it for him. This way My Words app for iOS was developed. The first version of My Words app was released in Dec 2010 and since then many updates are released to make it easier to use. Now it is available in Google Play for Android devices and in Barnes & Nobles NOOK Store

Vision For My Words App: "My vision as a mom and developer of this mobile app is to to give the special needs children and individuals personal and easy to use communication device. You can install this app on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phones or Nook Tablet and use it as a communication device. The caregivers can configure the app according to the needs and vocabulary of their special ones. Being a mom of an autistic and cognitive impaired special child and software engineer, I wanted to use the latest technology of touch screen mobile devices to develop an alternate communication method for him and other special needs individuals like him. I am happy that my son is starting to use this app to communicate. Still he does not use this app all the time because he still wants us to interpret his signs for him, but I hope slowly as he grows older he will be able to use this as a communication device." - Nabeela Jaffer, CEO Jafferson Software, LLC.